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4 Years event

PearlPoseidon posted Jun 12, 18

TC Turning 4 Event!

TrekCraft turns 4 on June 21st this month. Do you know what that means?
It means we are hosting multiple events on that day, and around that week!
Please join us on the 21st to celebrate TrekCraft's birthday. Here are a couple ongoing events! Stay tuned.

50% Off sale!

Event draw - Any items bought in the store will enter you into a draw to win a FREE rank upgrade. (You can use it or give it to another player.) Check out the forum!

FLY ALL DAY: 20th - 22nd

mcMMO Booster active: 21st - 24th

More to come!
More to come!
More to come!

Cheers! See you all there.

Trek in 4 years

PearlPoseidon posted May 20, 18

Trek turns 4 in one month!

On June 21st, TrekCraft will have been active for 4 years. Isn't that crazy?

Through the ups and downs of 4 years, I can say the best part has been meeting new players. TrekCraft has one of best communities out there, and we plan to keep it that way.

I thank everyone for the constant support you've given us by playing on the server. We have a wonderful family of TrekCraft players.  It's great to have you here after all this time!

There will be a 50% off sale for the entire month until Trek turns 4(June 21st).

Minecraft is an adventure, Trek it! - TrekCraft 2014

- Pearl, Mom, and the TC Staff

Hey everyone! 

Enjoying the spring flowers?  Or stuck inside because of the showers?

To wish everyone a glorious Spring, a Happy Easter, a grateful Passover or whatever you celebrate this beautiful season, we're having a 40% off everything sale from now until April 8th!  Enjoy!