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winter sale 2017

PearlPoseidon posted Nov 18, 17


Get 40% off all the toys and goodies in the TrekCraft shop this Winter.

If you get snowed in this Winter, always remember that TrekCraft is just one click away!

Come join the fun today.

- Team TC

Halloween 2017

PearlPoseidon posted Oct 23, 17



New Towny Changes!

Momshroom posted Aug 30, 17

Towny just updated and we now have OUTLAWS!
Have a player that you don't want in your town?  Call the sheriff! 
Sheriffs, mayors, co-mayors, and assistants can declare someone an outlaw to their town, regardless of whether or not that person is in a town or not.  If they were a member of your town they are automatically kicked from town and jailed.  To control who’s an outlaw in your town, do: /town outlaw [add/remove] [name]
If you step into a town where you’re outlawed, it’ll tell you.  
Want to know who’s an outlaw in your town?  Type /town outlawlist
Want to know who another town has outlawed?  /town outlaw list (town name)

Lots more new commands:

/town plots {town name} - gives more info about a town’s plots
/t online {town name} - now you can see who’s online in ANY town
/n online {nation name} - now you can see who’s online in ANY nation
/t reslist {town name} - now you can see the complete resident list for ANY towny
/town say [message] - (Assistant and up only) Broadcasts a message AS THE TOWN to your town.
/n say [message] - (Assistant and up only). Broadcasts a message AS THE NATION to your nation
/town outlaw [add/remove] [name] - (sheriff, assistant and up) - adds or removes someone from your town’s outlaw list
/town outlawlist {town} - shows who’s an outlaw in the town
/res toggle constantplotborder - does what /res toggle plotborder does except the borders show every 5 seconds, not only when crossing them
/res toggle ignoreplots - doesn’t show you plot notifications (no spam!)

Farm plots will use switch perms properly!
Portals work properly in in wilderness.

Most of this is now in effect, but a few things might not start until the next restart